Artist Statement

My work is autobiographical in nature. It tells of places and people that are an integral part of my life.

I am intrigued by places that are worlds unto themselves and subjects that are larger than the canvas.

I have been concerned about the rise of intolerance and its effect on people of color, minorities, immigrants, women, LGBTQ, and the disabled. My first series, I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar, highlighted the humanity of individual women in an era of misogyny.

Now, I have embarked on a new series partly influenced by the coronavirus pandemic and missing my male friends. Life Lines celebrates enlightened manhood. There is good that could come from this pandemic. We could see the equalization of our citizens and the celebration of the worth of all individuals. I paint men who are thoughtful and warm. I paint them close up and uncontained by the canvas as all people should not be constrained by outdated modes of thinking.